Commonline has a range of software components that can provide powerful solutions for you. Commonline is able to customise and combine these existing solutions with any other features you may require.

Web Applications

Commonline is able to provide robust solutions for your web based requirements. Your existing legacy systems can be evaluated and updated to provide a centralised, fully portable, secure, web based solution. Commonline provides the full range of application development including business process scoping, database development, programming, information architecture and user experience design.

Perhaps you need a web application to present a list of products, or you may need to be able to handle some frequent transactions over the internet without the need for proprietary software at each workstation. Whatever your needs, we are able to put you in control of your data and maximise its benefits.


Commonline is dedicated to providing you with high quality dependable web based solutions. To provide the highest level of service Commonline has a scalable server solution ready to fulfill your requirements. Commonline has established these services to provide your company with extremely economical high end server infrastructure.

Commonline leverages the quality and redundancy of the Micron21 network. Micron21 are Australia's first tier 4 data centre with an extensive high-speed, high-availability network.

Micron21 provide uninterruptible power and 24 hour monitoring and support so that your server remains online.

Commonline works with our partners to provide the highest level of support. With these partnerships we are able to provide the best in power, flexibility and economy.

Data handling

Commonline has an enormous bag of tricks to wrangle your data sets. Whether you are wanting a relational database created from an ad hoc collection of spreadsheets or you need some specialised analysis of a large data set we can turn your data into usable information. Commonline is able to design a database structure that maximises the effectiveness of your data assets and design an interface specifically to your requirements.

Recent Example

Commonline is very proud to have completed this online learning resource for Deaf Children Australia. This was a ground-up build including concept, interface design, database, and application development. The system provides DCA with the ability to manage users, multimedia content, and curriculum structure.

Careful attention was given to motivating and engaging a wide range of students from toddlers to grandparents.

The interface priority was to create a strong "app" feel to the site providing a familiar and engaging user experience rather than a click and load process.

The current selection of lesson types includes a "side scroller" game and a balloon popping pairing game. These lesson types are extensible and new types can be added as concepts are developed.

The system handles all image resizing and formatting, and automatically converts and optimises supplied video.

Regional translations are catered for with each user able to specify their state to seamlessly see the appropriate content.

These regional preferences also flow through to the relationships between particular pieces of content with the regionally appropriate related content displayed.

The interface is fully responsive and performs equally well on desktop or mobile devices.

The video codec issues around multiple platforms were effectively and invisibly addressed.

Commonline was able to automate the repurposing of existing basic data on an aging interactive DVD saving considerable cost for our client.

This is a great example of a significant amount of complex work and careful consideration to detail producing what appears to be a simple result.

Some DVD Recycling Statistics

  • 2,700 images formatted, resized, linked and renamed
  • 1,740 video files resized to two options, keyframes selected and formatted, and everything linked and renamed
  • 1,300 audio files copied, renamed and linked
  • 9,000 database rows inserted