Photographic asset audits across North Queensland's regional and remote areas.

Commonline understands the importance of your infrastructure assets and the need to ensure their integrity.

Planning for efficient, targeted maintenance is critical to ensuring safety and reliability of service.

Commonline is able to reach the most remote areas of North Queensland, capture detailed imagery and provide this as fully formatted reports allowing you to allocate appropriate maintenance.

Where required, access equipment from ladders and marine craft or lifts up to 3 tonne can be arranged and transported to site.

Commonline has excellent skills around image capture and automated processing which combines well with our strong data-handling capabilities.

The images and associated data can be supplied according to your needs, including PDFs, spreadsheets, interactive online planning, and report image libraries.

With our base in Townsville, we are well-positioned to reach your assets anywhere in North Queensland.

Example of our work

Overview report with clickable sections

Group detail

One side of one pile