Charti, a complete end-to-end online peer-reviewed journal publishing system.

Submission to subscription in one package.

Features include:

  • Submission to publication
    • Submission and revision
    • Double-blind peer review management
    • Content production
    • Auto image processing
    • Auditable queries and changes
    • Preformatted, personalised, editable system messages
    • Auto reference formatting, editable slug and link generation
    • Proofing and signoff
    • Simple PDF production 
    • Special issue management
    • Customisable regions management
  • Connectivity and metrics
    • Graphical WIP status display
    • Auto XML export
    • Auditable activity 
    • Extensive in-context, time and identity stamped notes
    • Reports
    • Optimised Google Analytics connectivity
    • Auto SEO resource generation
  • Audience
    • Searchable content
    • Keyword subscription
    • Newsletter emailer for large audiences
    • Self managed audience and staff accounts
    • Mobile friendly, responsive layout

Charti is available as software and hosting as a service with full technical support and backups. 

Commonline Pty Ltd can migrate your legacy data into Charti.

See Charti in action